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Upass synthetic urine is a dominating brand of fake urine, which is developed by Safeguard laboratories. Upass version 8.4 has been used by millions of people.

Upass 8.4 contains:

  • Proper creatinine levels
  • Specific gravity (more on this later)
  • pH balance
  • Urea, uric acid
  • Right Color & Odor
  • Correct foam

How To Use U Pass Synthetic Urine

Heat the container in a microwave for about 10 seconds.

Check the temperature strip – you need the temperature to be between 94 -100°F when submitting your sample.

After the desired temperature is reached, close the bottle and shake very well to ensure the liquid is mixed properly.

Using the elastic band, attach the bottle to your leg. It should keep the temperature of 100°F for up to 5 hours.

Go to the testing facility and pour your Upass synthetic urine into the collection cup.

Does fake urine work? If you are looking for answer to this most commonly asked question or if you’re looking for Upass synthetic urine reviews please visit our blog and feel free to drop any questions you might have!

U PASS Fetish Urine

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