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OPMS Liquid Kratom Extract is an award-winning blend of incredible alkaloids harvested straight from the Maeng Da kratom plant. By using a specialized mix of cool water and very high pressures, the OPMS team can extract more of the potent alkaloids from the plant matter and create a higher concentration of active ingredients. More importantly, they have made this extract easy to consume without much of the harsh taste that turn people off about other extracts.

O.P.M.S Liquid Kratom (1pc)

  • Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions Liquid.

    O.P.M.S.’ most sought after Kratom Product.

    O.P.M.S. Liquid Kratom comes in 8ML bottles, 45 bottles per display box.

    O.P.M.S. Liquid Kratom is an all natural product.

    O.P.M.S. has developed a process of extraction matched by no other brand.

  • Mitragyna speciosa is an unapproved dietary ingredient. The manufacturers / re-sellers of this product, therefore, can not advise on its use. Ingesting Mitragyna speciosa can be dangerous.  Consult your physician about potential interactions, other possible complications, and precautionary measures before considering this product. Inform your physician of the alkaloid content, labeled on the package.

    Manufacturers / Re-sellers assume no responsibility for the use or misuse of this product.

    Keep out of reach of children. 18+ Only.

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